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Feb 08, 2017EMD Diamonds Overview of the Fancy Color Diamond Market

"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” - Michael LeBoeuf

It should come as no surprise that without our satisfied, loyal jewelers we will never have a successful business. 
Here are some of their reviews:

Sniders Jewelers, Aaron | Dec 15, 2019
I love our Facebook group, Jewelers Conquering the Digital World! It’s my go-to place for social media tips and ideas. 

Infinity Jewelers, Tom | May 3, 2019
The 3D videos are fantastic! Such an easy and great tool when showing customers our diamonds. 

D'Amore Jewelers, Mike | Jan 18, 2019
EMD Diamonds' live inventory is a lifesaver! And the fact that it’s available 24/7 gives me the flexibility I need with my customers. Love it!

Maharaja of India, Luke | Sep 24, 2018, **CBG**
I love that every diamond in the web inventory has guaranteed availability. I don’t need to worry or stress about finding a diamond that I need. What I see, I get!

Diamond brokers of Los Altos, Paul | July 29, 2018
It’s always nice to know that each diamond is guaranteed to be available 24/7. Great service!

Brothers Fine Jewelry, Steve | July 22, 2018
Thank you for such great service! I can always count on EMD Diamonds to help me with all my diamond needs! 

Steve Rosdal Jewelry, Stacy | June 13, 2018"The social marketing that EMD Diamonds produces turned us on to working with them. We appreciate and thank you for sharing your quality videos. They help to close more sales and attract more customers.
Stacy "

Khan Diamonds, Iqbal  |  May 9, 2018
"Good job guys!
Just shared the Oval 1.50ct G SI2 EX, VG GIA video from your Inventory.diamonds page and one of the customers who saw it, reached out to see if he could make a matching pair out of it for earrings, she is coming in on Thursday!
Thank you
Iqbal "

DeScenza Diamonds, Tyler DeScenza  |  Apr 2, 2018
"When you work with EMD Diamonds, you're not just doing business with them; you’re also becoming a part of their family. Their inventory is always huge and broad, coming in all shapes and sizes and priced to sell. I consider EMD Diamonds an integral part of DeScenza's present and future growth for many years to come. "

Jay Feder Jewelers, Natalie  |  Feb 10, 2018
"I have been working with EMD Diamonds since 2012, mostly with Tina. Their service is excellent, their prices are always competitive, and they make it easy to know what the diamond looks like before requesting it.
Natalie "

Peter & Co, Nikki  |  Jan 23, 2018,  **IJO**
"Teddy at EMD Diamonds is very easy to deal with. Even though I'm in Ohio, it’s like I am dealing with a company in my city. He always works fast and hard for me - a pleasure to work with from beginning to end.
Thank you,
Nikki "

Diamonds Direct, Chen  |  Jan 20, 2018
"EMD Diamonds has proven to be a strong ally in our constantly changing industry. Catering exclusively to the independent jeweler, EMD Diamonds' diamonds are priced to compete with the online retailersת offering exceptional service and support the whole year. "

Forever Jewelers, Jay  |  Jan 3, 2018
"The One-Click offered by EMD Diamonds is incredibly easy to use and very convenient. It’s the perfect reminder when it’s already sitting on your desk, and you need to find diamonds. One-click and it automatically opens their website directly to an inventory page where you can change parameters and search for the diamonds you need. Another click on their website and the diamond you need can be reserved. Need to reach them by phone? Just turn over the One-Click device, and their phone number is on the bottom. Plus, you can use the One-Click as a charging hub for other USB devices.
Jay Priest,
Office Manager "

LaRog Brothers Jewelers, Sarah,  |  Dec 15, 2017,**CBG**
"I don't remember the last time I encountered someone who went the extra mile for the sake of customer satisfaction like Teddy from EMD Diamonds. I’ve been getting AMAZING results with their diamonds, and I am thrilled to have such a great vendor for all my bridal GIA orders.
Love their One-Click tool! "

J. Thomas Jewelers, Noreen  |  Dec 8, 2017,**IJO**
"Thanks for the great Facebook content to share. The diamond videos are great!
Noreen Meganck
Dec 8, 2017 "

Pacific Diamond Wedding Rings Hawaii, Kaila & Amber  |  Nov 21, 2017
"I like using the One-Click because it's way more comfortable than typing out everything including opening the browser. I love it... such a nifty tool!
Kaila "

"I think it's a cute feature - click it and EMD's amazing page pops up.  I feel spoiled, but overall I think it's good - saves me time with no need to open the browser and punch anything.
Amber "

Dianna Rae High, Dianna  |  Nov 2, 2017
"Hi guys ,I received the new One-Click, and it works great! I love the Store-Mode with my logo and the print price quotes. Also, the price mark-upS in Store-Mode is very helpful. Love it!
Dianna "

D'Auria Brothers, Charles D'Auria  |  Sep 9, 2017
"The staff at EMD Diamonds are very professional and have always provided stellar customer service. They're very responsive, and we look forward to continued and sustained business with them. 
Charles "

Sandy Jones Jewelry at Charles Willis, Sandy  |  Sep 4, 2017
"Fabulous Facebook program! Can't wait to start sharing from the Facebook page you guys made for jewelers so I can promote my stores’ Facebook page with excellent diamond content. "

Anna Re Fine Jewelry, Betsy  |  Aug 28, 2017
"I’ve already started sharing content to my Facebook page! What a tremendous help and time saver!
Anna Re Fine Jewelry "

Fiscus Jewelers, Noel  |  Aug 8, 2017,**IJO**
"I have been using the One-Click for the last 2-3 months, and it works great! I use it daily and can show my customer a variety of diamonds to choose from, put your markup on them and show the customer a video of the stone before we even order it. I love Puja, but when you can just One-Click and see what they have it in stock, it's quick and easy to use without having to make a phone call. Thanks for the great Facebook content to share. The diamond videos are great!
Noel "

L.L Pavorsky Jewelers, Lee  |  Jul 3, 2017
"The One-Click device from EMD Diamonds is incredible.  First off, it is so easy & intuitive to use. No special training needed, click, and you're on your way to making more sales.  It lets you search real-time inventory and email prospective customers with very professional and complete information on diamonds they would be interested in.  If you are not using the One-Click, you are truly missing out on a fantastic tool and SALES! "

Clifton Jewelers, Mo  |  May 16, 2017
"Four years ago, we traveled to New York to meet Nick to plan our diamond department strategy. With his help and guidance, we have rapidly increased our diamond sales, year over year. I'm always highly motivated to keep growing our diamond business after dealing with EMD Diamonds! "

ASD Gems, Ari  |  Mar 23, 2017
"EMD Diamonds is in a league of their own in the diamond world. In the many years of being in the jewelry business, I have never worked with such a passionate, professional and dedicated group of people. In the new competitive environment, we all need access to the right inventory, aggressive pricing, and speedy delivery - EMD Diamonds delivers it all and then some. Nick's leadership, energy, and the company's massive buying power ensure that sales will be made. Tina’s incredible customer service and knowledge, as well as the entire staff, amaze me every time I visit their office. EMD Diamonds has not only helped grow my business over many years, but there is a true partnership.
Ari :) "

Daniel's Jewelry, Valery & Leanette,  |  Mar 8, 2017
The people at EMD Diamonds are the easiest to deal with in the entire industry. They pay for shipping and give you ample time to complete the sale! All of them are helpful and very generous with terms. I would recommend to anyone!
Leanette "

Day’s Jewelers, Kathy  |  Feb 8, 2017, **CBG**
"It is my absolute pleasure to recommend EMD Diamonds as a vendor for CBG. We have done business with EMD Diamonds for about 2 years and have found the company to manufacture quality goods, as well as their staff to be very professional. They follow up promptly to our requests and have always displayed a high level of expertise in their area of knowledge. They will not conduct business with strictly online retailers, which bodes well for their support of the independent jeweler. In my opinion, EMD Diamonds would be a great addition to CBG.
Feel free to contact me for more information.
Kathy Corey,
VP Merchandising/Owner,
Day’s Jewelers "

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