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Hit up the Hashtag

Nov 21, 2018Dana E. , Diamond Specialist & Communications Manager Overview of the Fancy Color Diamond Market

The week after Christmas can be a great time to promote hashtag campaigns. Many people are home, relaxing with their families and spending more time on social media. So even though Christmas is over, your social marketing efforts aren’t! 

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

On the 9th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…. A Festive Hashtag Campaign

It may be cold outside, but your customers are warming themselves by the fire and checking their social media. Take advantage of this time period and meet your customers where they are - online!

Get creative with hashtags and invite customers and gift recipients to share their experiences on your social media channels. Consumers will be on their phones, posting photos and videos of their favorite holiday moments, selfies, and gifts they received. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all the holiday social media hoopla.

Create a branded hashtag, inviting your customers to share their gift opening experience or wearing your product. Don’t underestimate the power of unboxing videos! There are lots of YouTube channels specifically dedicated to it, with some videos racking up more than 800 million views.

Your hashtag theme and strategy can even become an event that your customers will expect and love year after year.
Create a Facebook event and get the word out. Spread the word about your post-holiday hashtag with email marketing campaigns, social media posts, notes inside customers’ gift boxes and fliers in your store. 

You can even tie your branded hashtag campaign into the New Year when customers are wearing your jewelry out and about for New Year's Eve.

The key to your hashtag campaign is to start early.
You need to start spreading the word BEFORE Christmas, in order to get the precious Christmas moments. Include it in your overall holiday social media strategy to get the full benefits of the campaign.


***Join the Conversation: Do you have any success with a hashtag campaign? Share it with our
Jewelers Conquering the Digital World group!***

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