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Sponsor Local and Boost Your Business

Sep 27, 2018Dana E. , Diamond Specialist & Communications Manager Overview of the Fancy Color Diamond Market

Have you ever thought about sponsoring a local event or team to boost your business? It definitely falls into the creative marketing category, and can lead to some great returns and new relationships! There are actually lots of hidden opportunities for sponsorship within your communities - for example, summer baseball & softball leagues, festivals and events to mention just a few. 

It will not only benefit your business but your community as well (which in the long run, benefits your business again) - and the advertising doesn’t hurt either! Who doesn’t want to see your store’s name & logo on a t-shirt, with those pictures spread across social media? :)

We found this awesome infographic by that gives you a glimpse into the benefits and advantages of sponsorship within your community:

Hyper-local at ZipSprout

***Join the Conversation: Has your store sponsored a local event or activity? Share how it went with our Jewelers Conquering the Digital World group! ***

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