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How to Gain Customers by Defining Your Online Marketing Goals & Strategies

Jun 17, 2018Dana E. , Diamond Specialist & Communications Manager Overview of the Fancy Color Diamond Market

You’re ready to grow your business by upping your marketing strategies and diving into the digital world. You’ve got a general idea of what to do: utilize social media, email campaigns, holiday promotions etc., but how do you put it all into place? You need to have marketing goals and strategies in place to make sure your efforts are successful. Getting Started

  1. Identify Your Marketing Goals. The first step in your overall marketing plan is to define your goals. Ask yourself what are your ultimate goals in creating marketing campaigns and strategies. Is your goal to attract new customers? Increase revenue? Increase customer conversion? All of these are good goals, but you should identify what your priority is.

  2. Define Your Budget. Many people jump in head-first without really thinking it all through. It might work in the beginning, but if you’re in it for the long run, this strategy is a mistake. You need to know exactly how much money you’re willing to put into your marketing strategies, if any. You can always change the amount after you see how everything is going, but what’s important is that you start somewhere. Make an excel spreadsheet and keep track of where and how much you spend on your marketing.

  3. Choose Your Marketing Platform(s). Once you’ve identified your goals and set a budget, it’s time to choose where you’ll be running your campaigns. Do you want to focus mainly on Facebook and Instagram or are you sticking with email campaigns and online advertising? The tip is to choose one or two platforms to concentrate on and focus your efforts on them. Spreading yourself around too thin will just lead to confusion and divided attention.

  4. Set Your Time Limit Capabilities. When beginning a new marketing strategy, you need to know your limits. How much time are you actually able to devote to your online marketing? Map out a daily or weekly time amount that you know you can handle and stick to it.  Just as with your budget, you can always change the hours, according to your schedule, but starting out with a plan is the key.

  5. Track Your Marketing Efforts. Analytics will become your online marketing’s best friend. Evaluating your campaigns, online, are extremely easy to do - not to mention the most effective way to track the goals you’ve set. The wonderful thing about social media platforms is that each platform has its own set of analytics, making tracking your campaigns simple and painless. You’ll also be able to see how effective your budget is coming into play or how much traffic you’ve gained. Whatever goals you’ve set, analytics will assist you in determining if you’ve met them. The main key that most people forget is to begin analysing from day one. Don’t wait until the end of the campaign - track your efforts on an ongoing basis for maximum results!

And don’t forget to make sure you’re networking with other like-minded jewelers to get extra tips and stay in-the-know about the online digital world. If you haven’t joined Jewelers Conquering the Digital World yet, this is a great group to join and get started! How about you? Share any tips you’ve learned on how to gain customers by defining your online marketing goals & strategies with us!

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