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How Video Campaigns Can Help Your Business

Feb 18, 2019Dana E. , Diamond Specialist & Communications Manager Overview of the Fancy Color Diamond Market

Videos have the power of increasing your business and getting your message to many more potential customers. Videos put a face and voice out there, giving your customers a personal glimpse into your business.

But where to begin? There are many ways of reaching customers besides just an ad video. Here are some creative ways to get your message out via video:

1. Introduction Video
: Start out by telling your audience a little bit about you and your business. Make it short and sweet, leaving your audience wanting more.  
2. Give em More: This can be a great way to introduce a series of videos to your audience. Each short video can take them into the “behind the scenes” of your business. Show them how you do various jewelry-related tasks around the store.
3. History: Does your business have an interesting story behind the beginning? Tell a story and let your audience hear how you came to be in the jewelry industry.
4. Testimonials: Success stories are a fantastic way of marketing your business. People want to hear how your jewelry stacks up to others. Happy customers always make the best marketers.
5. Education: ‘How to’ videos are always a good idea, especially if you’re helping your audience with their pain points. Quick videos on ‘How to clean jewelry, properly’, for example will go over great!
6. Meet Your Employees: Feature your employees on videos since they are the ones that people will be interacting within the store. Let them get to know your staff with a short Meet and Greet video.
7. Video Blogging: Video blogging might not be for everyone, but if you’re willing to try it, it could just be your cup of tea. VBs are a great way to get personal and gain the trust your customers are looking for.
8. Thank you Videos: A simple, Thank You, goes such a long way, so why not make a video thanking your customers and followers. People will appreciate it more than you realize.

Choose a video type and get started!

***Join the Conversation: 
Do you have a video strategy for your business? Share with us on our Jewelers Conquering the Digital World group. ***

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