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How to Find the Right Influencer for Your Jewelry Store

Sep 27, 2018Dana E. , Diamond Specialist & Communications Manager Overview of the Fancy Color Diamond Market

When it comes to marketing your jewelry store on social media, one of the hottest marketing trends has been to use influencers. Why has influencer marketing become so influential? Simply stated, influencer marketing uses real people, not celebrities, to market products. They have already built up a large following based on trust, which is exactly why brands are seeking them out. Their followers already know and trust them, and when they promote a product, their followers listen.

But the big question remains: How do I find an influencer who is right for my store? Someone who will bring me my exact target audience and who will deliver the results I need without having to pay an extreme amount of money?

You are right to be asking yourself these important questions, and we want to help you out. There are many different tools and platforms out there that connect influencers to brands, so we’ve compiled a list of FREE platforms for you, to help you find the perfect influencer for your store!

1. Heepsy. Heepsy provides you with instant access to over 3 million Instagram influencers by location and category. A free account gives you access to influencers worldwide and their bios. 

2. iFluenz.  IFluenz is an Instagram Influencer platform with over 20,000 influencers worldwide. Discover the best matching influencers and receive creative content. 

3. Speakr. Speakr boasts the status of powering campaigns for the world’s largest brands with influencers, and the list is impressive.  They work with YouTube, Fb, IG, and Snapchat.

4. Scrunch. Scrunch is a platform that searches for the top bloggers, Twitter, Fb, IG and YouTube influencers and matches them with your brand. A free account gives you one campaign and limited access to their directory.

5. Social Rank. Social Rank helps you find the best and most valuable influencers in your followers on Twitter and Instagram. It’s a “use who you’ve got” philosophy.

Take some time and look over the platforms to find the one that best matches your goals and budget for influencing marketing. If you’re invested in pursuing an influencer, it’s important to choose the right platform for your store. 

Good luck!

Join the conversation: Have you used any of these platforms to find influencers for your store? Share your experience with us on our Jewelers Conquering the Digital World Fb group. 

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