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Why Facebook Comments are Important and How to Get More of Them

Jul 16, 2018Dana E. , Diamond Specialist & Communications Manager Overview of the Fancy Color Diamond Market

With social media being such a crucial tool for businesses, online, the platforms you choose and how you engage with your customers are even more important. It’s not always easy to get people to respond to your online content, and with new and more restricting algorithms continuously being introduced, retaining your organic reach is becoming increasingly difficult. But, even with all the talk of paid advertising, organic reach is still attainable - and the secret lies in the comments. Why are comments so important for my Facebook Page? 

Answering this question is simple: Facebook uses comments as a signal. The more comments you have on a post, the more “valuable” that post becomes. To begin with, not all of your followers see your original post - only a small, select group do. These are the ones who have “opted in” to see the posts or the ones who regularly interact with your page. Once people start engaging with the post, the post is then shown on more people’s feeds. A post with lots of comments and likes will be seen by the highest percentage of your followers - the snowball effect. This is why comments are so important to the growth of your Facebook page and posts. You need them in order for your posts to be “seen”. So, how do you get more comments on your posts? Here are 3 ways to captivate your audience and engage them in commenting: #1 Open and Closed Questions Asking someone’s opinion on a matter is the best way to get a response from them. Your facebook follower is, no doubt, scrolling through his/her feed at the speed of light. How do you actually get him/her to stop and comment on your post? With a question, they just can’t resist. There’s no magic spell for trying to figure out what your followers would stop and answer, but put yourself in their shoes for a moment and think of what type of questions would get your attention. Good questions usually promote an open discussion, can be about a current topic or trend or don’t require too much “over” thinking. Try to avoid questions that already suggest the answer, political or religious views or overly complicated. #2 Polls Adding a poll can also initiate conversation. As a Facebook tool, it’s a great way to get to know your followers better and what they want to see from you. We’ve used polls in our group, Jewelers Conquering the Digital World, a few times and they’ve always attracted great conversations.
#3 Quick Comment Replies Quick comment replies are a great way to get lots of comments in a short amount of time. Instead of asking followers to ‘comment below’, get them to engage by getting them involved. Some common examples of this tactic are: - Fill in the blank: Let your followers finish the sentence... - Caption this: Ask your followers to come up with a caption for an interesting or funny photo. Get creative and you might just find your next campaign!

Just remember that any way you use to elicit more engagement on your Facebook page must be authentic. Your audience can see right through a “fake post”, so don’t try to gain comments just for the same of gaining comments. Use content that they want to see and comment about. Remember that your ultimate goal of engagement is to reach your followers and create genuine trust and relationships. What about you? Do you have any successful examples from these three tactics that you can share with us about engaging your audience and creating conversations? Share in the comments on our Jewelers Conquering the Digital World group to get the ball rolling….

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