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The Pretty Woman inside All of Us

Sep 08, 2017Dana E. , Diamond Specialist & Communications Manager Overview of the Fancy Color Diamond Market

I get asked the same question repeatedly, "Why are you so passionate about working with diamonds?" It's a question I've never really thought about in detail – until now.

I'm sure most girls, growing up, find some sort of fascination with diamonds. We see them sparkling in the movies and get all googly-eyed when a newly engaged girl shows off her frosting, but for me it goes a little deeper than that because I literally grew up in a diamond family.

My father has been in the diamond manufacturing and dealing business for decades. As a little girl, I remember going to his office in awestruck of his diamonds. Seeing and hearing from jewelers we work with, about all the love that was passed on by his diamonds through generations.  It was a love that has remained with me all these years.

And now as an adult, that childhood enamor that I had has turned into a passion. Yes, I still love the sparkly glamour that comes along with each piece – kinda like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, when she's given that incredible "
quarter of a million dollar diamond necklace" and her face lights up – what girl didn't want to be her in that scene?!? But, now it's more than just that.

It's everything that goes along with the diamond business! It's the process of transforming an unearthed, rough diamond into a magnificent, sparkling diamond. It's the fast-paced environment we work in. It's the interaction with a customer, who's usually in a hurry and in need for a diamond-solution right away. And it's making sure our family of jeweler customers’  succeeds.

And as a woman, I believe that I can relate to the diamonds we create in a special way. Every woman wants to feel special and unique, which is perfect because each diamond is special and unique - no two are the same. This makes every piece of diamond jewelry all the more sentimental and irreplaceable, something a woman will cherish almost as if it is a part of her. And I love being a part of that uniqueness.

Lastly, I think about how the diamond is symbolic to me. Usually, diamonds are bought to represent something. For example, a diamond engagement ring symbolizes the love between a couple, or a diamond necklace given by parents to their child on graduation day might be symbolic of pride and family love. Every piece of diamond jewelry has a unique story behind it and an emotion attached to it. Women come to love what their jewelry represents, not just the piece, itself. It's a beautiful thing to see and experience first-hand. It's romantic in its purest form.

It’s the
Pretty Woman inside all of us, including me. And I'm proud to be a part of this diamond family we have created – including all of you!


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