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Oct 28, 2020EMD Diamonds Overview of the Fancy Color Diamond Market


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Supporting jewelers' high demand for online presence and jewelry-related content for their websites, especially during Covid-19, EMD Diamonds IT dep. created a Live-Diamond-Feed tool for all jewelers to benefit from. Entering the online realm has become imperative for small businesses - including jewelry stores - especially when foot traffic is down.

The free tool tackles issues most jewelers are facing, keeping their websites updated and dynamic. 
The ability to show EMD Diamonds' with their markups as if they were their own is a huge plus. It’s 100% Live with 3D videos, certificates, and guaranteed availability. If customers see it, it's available.  

Active in the diamond business from 1979, EMD Diamonds has become one of the leading diamond wholesalers, focusing mainly on the North American market. 
Seeing the change in direction that the industry has taken since Covid-19, EMD Diamonds understood that helping local jewelers succeed in the online world was extremely important and started working on relevant tools. 

If you are a jeweler interested in taking advantage of this free tool, please register here: https://willyou.net/ldf.

Frequently asked questions 

How can I add the "Live Diamond Feed" to my website?
The Live Diamond Feed was designed for easy implementation and is compatible with any website. Once you set up your login details, we provide you with the URL/Iframe. Send the link to your IT person/Tech company to implement for you. It is a straightforward process, and everything is available in your Dashboard under the "Live Diamond Feed" tab on the EMD Diamonds website for easy access.

How do I add this to my in-store devices?
Once you access your LDF dashboard, you can easily copy and paste the URL we provided under the "Live Diamond Feed" tab. Once you have this on your desired computer/ laptop/ tablet, you can save it as a bookmark/ favorite/ icon for a tablet. You will then be one click away from showing all the diamond details to any customer in-store. 

How does LDF compare to other diamond feed features?
Live Diamond Feed is a 100% live stream of all our inventory, as we update our system every few minutes. Allowing you to share in stock options with the confidence it's available. We supply a picture, 360 videos, and a GIA certificate with every diamond listed along with live streaming. 

I already have diamonds displayed on my website; can I add more?
Why not? Incorporating more "inventory" for yourself online in different "Diamond Vaults" allows customers to view inventory differently. The more visuals we can provide to your customers, the more we hope you can sell. 

Where do I add my markups, and what are my options for adding them?
We are very aware of how everyone does business differently, so we provide different ways of implementing markups. Once you log into your Dashboard, go to "Diamond Markup," this will display the options available; all go by percent. You can add an overall, by price bracket, by weight brackets, or no prices at all. Choose what works best for you!

Is LDF compatible with website features like "Cart"?
LDF has a "schedule an appointment" feature, which sends the customers information and diamond details directly to you for follow up. We find consumers are more comfortable scheduling an appointment vs. putting a stone in their cart. It takes the pressure of purchasing away, allowing them to come into the store and see you directly.  

Can this be integrated with my "Engagement ring designer" tool on my website?
Live Diamond Feed was designed only to display diamonds. It removes the pressure of purchasing, so the customer can see the diamond and schedule an appointment to build the ring of their dreams with you in person at the store.

Will LDF be consistent with the rest of my website? 
Most websites have many different ways of displaying features. LDF is compatible with any website and is designed to blends nicely with whatever you currently have setup. It's clean and neutral features are a great way to display all diamonds, not to mention extremely user friendly. 

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