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Press Release: Live Presentation with Instagram Secrets for Jewelers - Quickly Grow from 0 to 5000 followers

Aug 15, 2019Brian Plante , EMD Diamonds Account Executive Overview of the Fancy Color Diamond Market

Going Live: Monday, August the 26th 11 am

Following the highly successful Social Media presentation by EMD’s Brian Plante at the famed Jewelry Show in Pittsburgh, EMD has decided to go LIVE on the Facebook group, Jewelers Conquering the Digital World, for all jewelers to benefit from. Entering the social media realm has become a must for small businesses - including jewelry stores - in order to compete against the online giants.

The free presentation tackles issues most jewelers are facing regarding online marketing and what it takes to succeed on social media. From ‘How to Get More Instagram Followers’ to ‘DIY Instagram Hacks’, Brian has found the sweet spot that addresses what jewelers want to know.

In the diamond business from 1979, EMD has become one of the leading diamond wholesalers, focusing largely in the North American market. Seeing the change in direction the industry has taken since the explosion of social media, they knew that helping local jewelers succeed in the online world was extremely important. This is what led to the beginning of their Facebook group, Jewelers Conquering the Digital World, a safe place for jewelers to come and network with other jewelers about all things social. 

The group has grown tremendously in a short amount of time and has become the go-to place for tips and conversations about social media. With no vendors allowed, the group consists only of jewelers who want to conduct open and honest chats on digital marketing and how to succeed. 

The Social Media Presentation will go LIVE on Facebook for all the jewelers in the JCDW group on Monday, August the 26th 11 am est, so interested jewelers still have time to join before then. It’s already being called the “Social Media Gamechanger” by jewelers who have implemented Brian’s winning strategies and are doubling their social media following.

If you are a jeweler interested in participating in the group and receiving access to the LIVE stream, you can join here: Jewelers Conquering the Digital World.


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