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How to Respond to Negative Posts or Reviews Online

Sep 18, 2018Dana E. , Diamond Specialist & Communications Manager Overview of the Fancy Color Diamond Market

As much as we love to have customers post reviews or recommendations about our businesses, we also have to deal with the other side of the coin - a negative review or post. There are ways to respond to the negativity that can turn a negative post into a positive one, and it’s important to know how to respond in order to keep your online reputation intact.

Every day, millions of people are leaving reviews, comments, recommendations, and stories about their experience with businesses. Tapping into those resources can be a tremendous asset for your business, but at the same time, one horrible comment can snowball and lead to what we all dread the most - a bad reputation for our business.

So, let’s take that negativity and turn it into positivity:

Don’t Automatically Hit the Delete Button

Your first response to an online review might be to automatically delete it, but don’t! Here’s your chance to look at the review as an opportunity, not a threat. It’s your chance to turn a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied one, and show others that you care about your customers’ issues. Potential customers will also look to see how you handle negativity, and if you respond well, it will bring your favor.

Address The Issue Publicly

Whatever channel your bad review or post came from, you should first address it there.  Responding publicly to the issue shows that you have nothing to hide, and you’re willing to meet your customers where they are.

Your first step is to find out what the root of the issue is. Find out why the customer is upset (if it’s not clear in their complaint) and start doing some damage control. The best way is by addressing their concern, thank them for their feedback and offer a solution. For example:

“Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your honesty and would love to chat further. Please feel free to DM us, call us or email us and we will be happy to see what we can do to resolve it for you! “

Respond Immediately

The longer you wait to answer the review, the longer your customer’s anger builds up. Don’t waste any time and respond to any posts immediately. Not only will the disgruntled customer appreciate it, but other customers will take notice that you’ve responded quickly.

Put Yourself in Your Customer’s Shoes

Many times, an angry customer just wants to be acknowledged and be told they are right. Here is your chance to accept responsibility and acknowledge their feelings. This is also a great time to either consider providing a free service or product. Think of what would make you happy if you were extremely displeased with a business, and do the same. The cost of losing a customer nearly always outweighs the profit if you can keep them.

Monitor Your Online Reputation

There are many ways to keep ahead of the game so you never lose track of any of your business’ mentions. Google Alerts is the perfect way to do this - it’s extremely easy and free! All you need to do is enter the search term you want to be alerted about and how often to be notified. It can be your business name, your personal name or anything you want to receive alerts about. Each time the term is used online, you’ll receive an email, notifying you.

Join the Conversation: Do you have any additional ways to combat negativity online? Share with us on our Jewelers Conquering the Digital World group.

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