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Human rights – Policy

Jan 10, 2022Moshe Eliav , Founder & CEO of Eliav Diamonds Overview of the Fancy Color Diamond Market

Policy statement

• EMD Diamonds is committed to equal opportunities and to the human rights of all its employees. This is emphasized amongst others through policies on “freedom of association”, “child labor”, “forced labor”, “non discrimination” and “non retaliation and working hours”.

• Subsequently EMD Diamonds will address all relevant issues of human rights raised to her attention by both internal (employees) and external stakeholders. 

Management and control

• The management of EMD Diamonds takes full responsibility for this policy and for its distribution and implementation throughout the organization. 

• The management of EMD Diamonds declares that the hiring, discharge, pay, promotion, and retirement procedures of the company will be reviewed without regard to issues of race, national origin, religion, age, disability, physical appearance, gender, marital/parental status, sexual orientation, HIV status, migrant status, membership of worker representative bodies or political affiliation – or any other criteria that are related to the above-mentioned policy this in order to make them all compliant.

• The management of EMD Diamonds will encourage employees to bring any breach of human rights to the attention of the management ( by "Person of Confidence")

• The management of EMD Diamonds will do its best to promote awareness of human rights through co-operations with relevant (external, human rights oriented) non-governmental entities.

Note: this policy is signed and filed in official EMD Diamonds records after being communicated to all employees, and is part of a set of policies presented to new employees.

Moshe Eliav 

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