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How to Create FREE Instagram Highlight Covers

Sep 27, 2018Dana E. , Diamond Specialist & Communications Manager Overview of the Fancy Color Diamond Market

In our previous blog post, we covered, “How to create free social media templates for Facebook”, and now we’re going to show you how to create highlight covers for your Instagram page. We will again be working on the free platform, ***Canva, so if you didn’t create an account, now is your chance to. 

You might be thinking, Why should I put so much effort into creating special templates for my IG highlights? First of all, highlights are a great way to provide information and links to your products, so if you’re looking to get more customers via Instagram, you need to make sure your highlights are attractive to potential customers. Secondly, they are located right under your profile, which is a prime real estate in IG land! You need to make sure they stand out and are attention grabbing. You also want your highlight covers to align with your brand, which is why this tutorial is important. Let’s get started:

Instagram Highlight Covers
First, you’ll need to create a username on Canva (if you haven’t already), and then you can begin creating. Start by clicking the **Create a design** button on the left-hand side to open up template choices.

1. Click, ‘Use custom dimensions’ on the upper, right-hand side.
2. Enter, “1080 x 1920” pixels (px) then click, ‘Design’.

3. If you already have specific icons that you use for your business, you can upload them into Canva and use them. If not, skip to #4.
        - To Upload images/icons, click the ‘Uploads’ section on the left-hand column, and click, ‘Upload your own images’. Once your image is uploaded, you can upload more or continue to the next step.

4. Choose your background color or design. This is where your branding comes into play, so choose your branding color or a color that will match your overall IG theme. Click, ‘Bkground’ in the left-hand column, and choose your color.

5. Add your icon. If you uploaded your own icons, click on the icon that you uploaded, and it will be added to your background. If you want to choose from the free icons you can either click on the ‘Elements’ tab on the left-hand side or search for an item if you know exactly what you want to add. Once you’ve found your item, click on it and it will be added to your background canvas. To make another icon, simply press the ‘Add a new page’ directly below your current icon and continue until you are finished with all icons.

6. Download. Once you’re post is ready, click Download on the top bar. Choose the type of file you’d like (PNG or JPEG) and click Download.

7. Once your image is downloaded, you’ll want to transfer it to your phone. This way you can upload it to Instagram Highlight easy and painless.

8. Create a new Instagram Highlight (or add it to an existing one). In order to add it to the highlights section, you first must post them as part of your IG stories. They must remain in the stories for a full cycle (24 hours) in order for them to be archived. If you post and then delete, it will not stay in your archived photos.

9. Add to Highlights. Once you’ve posted your pic, click the ‘Highlight’ button on the bottom of your story. Then you can choose ‘New’ and write the caption for your icon. Click, ‘Add’.

10. Your custom IG Highlight Cover is now ready!

Here are two examples of IG Highlight Covers from your fellow JCTDW group members:
One using icons and one using photos.
@Briangavindiamonds created icon covers that go nicely with their overall branding on Instagram and create a clean and organized feel. 
@Casalejewelers created covers using actual photos instead of icons, which gives customers a glimpse into what each highlight holds.

Whichever version you decide to use, start creating those custom IG Highlight covers and take your profile to the next level!

***Join the Conversation: Show off your talent and share your custom IG Highlight covers with us on the Jewelers Conquering the Digital World group!  ***

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