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On Our Way to the Emerald City

Oct 02, 2017Dana E. , Diamond Specialist & Communications Manager

Dorothy isn't the only one searching for the Emerald City these days – it seems like celebs are also making emerald-shaped diamonds one of their preferred cuts as well.  

Rapaport News are reporting that emerald-cut diamonds have become the "it" cut for 2017 for celebs . After studying 100 celebrity proposals from the past couple of years, emerald overtook oval-cut as the go-to star choice.

And as we all know, celebrity trends are so powerful, that more often than not, they trickle down to the general population. So don't be surprised when a customer walks through your door, looking for an emerald-cut diamond like Beyonce . After all, who doesn't want to wear the diamond-cut of queen B! :)

We at EMD saw more and more emerald requests coming in and this upcoming trend take shape and made sure to keep more emerald-shaped diamonds in different sizes and shapes. Many adjustments needed to be made as Emerald-shaped diamonds are very different than oval shaped, starting from the rough sourcing process to the cutting process (rough type, facets angles, measurements, polishing etc. see pictures below).

Emerald-shaped diamond rough and cutting plan:


Oval-shaped diamond rough and cutting plan:


Get ready for the upcoming trend and don’t get caught without a supply of Emeralds when a customer walks in!

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Source: Rapoport News

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