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Business Practices Report (RJC) for Year 2021 - EMD Diamonds

May 10, 2022Moshe Eliav , Founder & CEO of Eliav Diamonds Overview of the Fancy Color Diamond Market

Business Practices Report (RJC) for Year 2021

EMD Diamonds

EMD Diamonds has taken adequate care to implement Best Practices across the supply chain across the entire year 2021. The following steps were taken and are being keenly monitored.

1. A supply Chain policy was developed and published on the website

2. The suppliers were engaged to understand their approach towards RJC

3. Using the supply chain policy and the RJC policy the suppliers were encouraged to maintain compliance to RJC.

4. A risk assessment was done for all suppliers

5. A compliance officer was nominated who regularly monitored the compliances 

The Result

1. All suppliers were able to provide evidence of compliance to RJC or as a minimum were compliant with the KYS requirements. 

2. The management is happy to report that the Supply Chain Process at EMD Diamonds is operating effectively in line with the RJC requirements.

3. This report covers all the sites of the EMD Diamonds Group worldwide.

The way forward

1. The top management at EMD Diamonds will continue to engage the suppliers and encourage them towards compliance of RJC.

2. They will continue to monitor this compliance and take measures as appropriate


Moshe Eliav

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