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Cultivating a Passion for Diamonds

Nov 23, 2017Brian Plante , EMD Account Executive

“Where does your passion for diamonds come from?”  I’ve been asked this question many times - as I’m sure many of you have as well.

First, I believe passion is not born inside of us, but is cultivated through a daily process of hard work and events over many years until you realize you can’t imagine yourself doing anything else.

Before starting in the diamond industry in 2009, I had tried every type of “sales”, ranging from selling shoes to selling cell phones and just about everything in between. I stumbled into this industry by chance.  I was in search of an honest industry built on long-term relationships and values, which in New York City can seem like a fairy tale.

After learning the ropes and diving into the Diamond Wholesale Business head-first, I quickly found what I had always been searching for. After speaking with other independent jewelers across the nation, I soon realized many jewelers shared my same values: trust, loyalty, family first, and to support your local businesses.  From that point on, I understood that I am not just “selling” diamonds, but building long-lasting relationships and friendships.  We work together in unison to provide the consumer with a product that represents their personal values and fulfills many of their childhood dreams.

Understanding the tradition of getting engaged and joining together in marriage is a reminder of why our industry is so important.  The future continues to be bright as we focus on a business built on “tradition” that can still thrive in a small-town market, even as the world becomes a global market.
I’m happy to say I am in this for the long haul and my passion for the industry - and more importantly the people and friends in this industry - continues to grow.  I hope to meet you personally at the next jewelry show so we can share a bite, a drink, and a laugh.



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