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Why Diamond Exhibitions Are Important to Us

May 18, 2017Moshe Eliav , Founder & CEO of EMD Diamonds Overview of the Fancy Color Diamond Market
I have always been enthusiastic about diamond trade shows, but as our world is becoming smaller and methods of communication are multiplying, I have begun to appreciate the exhibitions more than ever. They allow us the opportunity to get to know our clients and business associates in person rather than behind computer screens or telephones, and to form deeper connections with one another.
We try to take part in as many diamond exhibitions as possible. Our goal in attending and having a booth at these events is not to sell our merchandise, but rather to meet old and new clients. Although it is definitely doable to communicate with our clients long-distance, nothing compares to the face-to-face encounters that strengthen relationships and help us understand our clients’ needs.
Our client base is spread out and includes a range of business sizes. Thanks to these wonderful events, we have the chance to all be in the same place at the same time. We get to know each other on a personal and business level; we chat about the latest basketball game, share pictures of our newest children or grandchildren, and find out how our clients’ businesses have been doing and the challenges they have been facing.  
Don’t get me wrong – it’s not all business. Like many of our diamond colleagues, we have a work-hard-play-hard attitude. Since the global and American diamond market is so fast and competitive, we often don’t find the time to “let our hair down” and go on vacations. The trade shows always take place in exciting places like Las Vegas, California, Florida and Texas. We stay in nice hotels, go to dinner and drinks with our clients in the evenings, and work on our golf skills. We meet friends and recharge ahead of the next busy season. 

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Most importantly, these exhibitions build a close-knit diamond community and provide us with an opportunity to meet our friends and colleagues in one spot, in a world where people increasingly interact only with technology. We gain new clients, most of which had been referred to us by existing ones, and form lasting relationships. We stay up to date on the industry news and on the goings on in our clients’ specific companies. The events give us a deeper understanding of what our clients’ customers’ needs are, and we are then able to better meet their needs and manufacture diamonds according to their desires.

In this high-pressured industry, it is crucial to work with people you trust. The trade shows are an excellent place to build trusting relationships. From our side, we gain confidence that our clients will be able to sell our diamonds to their customers. From our clients’ side, they gain confidence in their supply source and feel as though their supplier will provide them with what they need to thrive in this competitive market. Together, we come up with business plans for the upcoming year and smart solutions to difficult obstacles.
The EMD team and I are looking forward to the upcoming exciting trade shows. We’ve got a busy summer ahead! We’ll be at Las Vegas’s famous Caesars Palace hotel for the four-day CBG (Continental Buying Group) exhibition in the beginning of June. Then it’s straight to the JCK trade show, open to the general public and lasting for four days as well, in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Vegas. In August, you can find us in Seattle, at the IJO (Independent Jewelers Organization) three-day show. We hope to see you at one or more of these events. If we don’t see you there, maybe we’ll catch you at one of the more exclusive exhibitions that we participate in, held for selective stores and businesses only.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the organizers of the above-mentioned events and of all diamond trade shows. Without your hard work and your sparkling exhibitions, we would have no real diamond community, and the market would suffer as a result. So, thank you and keep the exhibitions coming!


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About the Author: I’m the CEO and Founder of EMD Diamonds, a leading producer and diamond supplier with an inventory of over 2,000+ natural, GIA-certified diamonds. Though the EMD stock includes every popular diamond shape including the most favored round diamond, we specialize in unique, fancy diamond shapes such as oval, radiant and emerald. Carat weights range between 0.70 and 5.00. Our family business couples almost 40 years of diamond expertise with the business management knowledge of my two sons, resulting in a well-rounded company, centered on family values and commitment to our customers. 


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