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Building a Business from Passion

Dec 19, 2017Moshe Eliav , Founder & CEO of EMD Diamonds

Dream Big!

I have turned my passion for diamonds into what I hope becomes my legacy in this world. I have had the pleasure of being a part of the diamond industry for the past four decades, starting small and working my way up. 

Humble Beginnings

In 1979 I was a junior cutter and polisher in a diamond workshop as part of team of 30. Even back then I had big dreams for my future, and worked hard to achieve my goals of one day owning my own diamond business.

I worked my way up and a year later I became the workshop manager, and it was then that I gained the knowledge and skills I needed to branch out on my own and begin pursuing my passion. With a small loan, I purchased my very first rough stone and founded EMD. I can still remember the butterflies in my stomach, with a feeling of excitement - knowing that my dream of starting a diamond manufacturing business was in motion.

As a father, one of my proudest moments was when my two sons and daughter joined me and we became a family business. There’s nothing like sharing your passion with your children, and they have not only improved and expanded the business, but their hard work and core values make me so proud to be their father. 

The Passion Still Burns On

Aside from the business, itself, I am also passionate about certain aspects within the diamond industry. I am definitely passionate about continuing to work in an ethical diamond industry, and providing our clients with GIA-certified, conflict-free diamonds is very important to me. We need to take our social responsibility seriously, and work together in assuring that only conflict-free rough and polished diamonds are being sourced and sold.

I love to create different shapes and diamond cuts. If you were to ask me what my favorite cut is, I would have to say the Marquise. It’s unique and rare shape is harder to produce and master. It’s much more rare than a Round cut, and creating it reminds me that each diamond is different from another - just like us. 

I also love diamond trade shows. I like having the opportunity to get to know our clients and business associates in person. I believe the connections you make with one-on-one interactions are always the deeper and long-lasting ones. It’s our chance to build trusting relationships - and in our business, trust is extremely important.

And most importantly, I’m still passionate about the romance and inspiration that our diamonds bring. A diamond symbolizes a love promise that two people make to each other. It represents the special and unique bond that they share.  Call me old school, but I still believe in the romance of our industry and the long-term bond it represents to the final customer.

I recently encountered this video, and feel that it shows some important keys from our industry:

    • Romance

    • The rare and long, lasting love - like a Marquise cut.

    • Family legacy and the Christmas spirit

After all these years, I’m still passionate about our industry. I’m still passionate about running our family-owned business and creating a team of great people that believe in the same dreams and goals as I do. And I’m still passionate about the interactions I’m privileged to have on a daily basis. We are blessed to work in such a wonderful industry.