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Sep 02, 2017Dana E. , Diamond Specialist & Communications Manager Overview of the Fancy Color Diamond Market

We live in a quickly-changing world, where technology is constantly evolving and accessing information is much easier and quicker.

Problem: The New Consumer

The same can be said for consumers, as your customers' spending habits have greatly changed. 8 out of 10 Americans now shop online on a weekly basis. That’s a huge jump in our consuming patterns, and it only makes sense to adjust our selling methods to our current times. 

Narrowing the numbers down to our own field, we see that online shopping also hugely affects our diamond customers.  43% of global shoppers prefer to research for jewelry online, while only 33% prefer to do research in store. And when it comes to purchasing, 49% prefer to make purchases in store while 32% prefer to purchase online.

This means that a huge portion of your customers know exactly what they want when they walk in your store. They've done their research and they're ready to buy, now! They have alternatives and don't have time to waste, so we better not waste theirs.
Bottom line: we need to be ready for these new type of well-educated, buy-it-now type of consumers.


After analyzing the issue and researching our new consumers in focus groups, we created the ONE-CLICK device, containing our Store-Mode feature, which provides a real solution to combat our fast-paced environment. During the conception process, we took into consideration all the needs and wants of our new consumer, including the yearning they have to buy from someone they trust. We needed to create a product that satisfied the needs of both you, the sellers, and of your buyers.


The ONE-CLICK device is an easy and quick way to reach your diamond source without confusing and tedious clicking. This allows you more time to focus on building the story behind the product, explaining how each diamond is different from the other – and not a commodity - while giving your customer the confidence they need to buy from you.

Incorporating the 360-degree live video visualization of each diamond gives you the ability to see the diamond you are getting, and get a better product for your customer. When they arrive to your store to see the diamond, you have a better chance of them liking it, and ultimately - making the sale (watch the ONE-CLICK introduction video).             

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The easy layout and access to the 360-degree live diamond feed give your customer something real to see and talk about immediately while building confidence in their decision. They're already used to researching and shopping for products online, so the extra bonus of seeing the real diamond, compared to just talking about it, is something they will gravitate toward.

We created Store-Mode with you in mind. As we stated before, the new customer wants their diamond instantaneously and waiting around for it is not an option. Store-Mode allows you to show your customers our large selection of diamonds as if they were your own with no reference to Eliav. It gives your customer the confidence they need to buy from you, since you are able to show them a variety of diamond options. Overnight delivery of any diamond you choose in Store-Mode speeds up the sale process and satisfies your customer's needs.

Creating the Store-Mode was really a no-brainer, because it's a win-win for both you and your customer.
(Watch the STORE-MODE introduction video)

Growing Technologically

As you see, we have no choice but to grow into a technologically-savvy industry in order to appeal to the upcoming generation of buyers. With online jewelry sales growing at a fast pace, we needed to do something and fast. The ONE-CLICK device and Store-Mode feature do just that – appeals to the "new customers", while at the same time realizing the need for a physical store. Combining the two – technology and diamonds – is what we aim to do!

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Here is Mike to show how it works :)


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