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EMD DIAMONDS Diamond professionals since 1982

Diamond Professionals - A Family Endeavor

The EMD family heritage is closely entwined with the world of diamonds. Our company history is of a family striving to provide the utmost quality diamonds and the highest excellence in customer care.

Born in Tel Aviv in 1958, Moshe Eliav decided to become a diamond cutter at the age of 21; he became a seasoned expert as the years passed, and his success led to EMD Diamonds' founding. Since its inception, the company has grown from a one-man operation into a renowned diamond distributor. In 1988, Moshe opened the company's first international office in New York, the diamond capital of America, paving the way for globalization while making EMD Diamonds the preferred supplier to high-end retailers and luxury jewelry brands. Moshe's sons inherited their father's love of diamonds and soon followed in his footsteps. With the help of his sons, EMD Diamonds became one of the most prestigious diamond companies, gaining a reputation for offering the finest diamonds and providing exceptional customer service.

EMD Diamonds is a proud member of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC), World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), American Gem Society (AGS), Retail Jewelers Organization (RJO), Continental Buying Group (CBG), and Independent Jewelers Organization (IJO).

Company Timeline


Moshe Eliav begins his career as a junior diamond polisher


EMD Diamonds is founded by Moshe EMD in Israel’s diamond district


Moshe becomes a member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB)


EMD Diamonds opens a New York office to cater to the American market


EMD Diamonds starts offering exclusively GIA certified diamonds of the highest quality


Special sourcing agreements are forged with sightholder companies with manufacturing operations in India, and Africa.


The second generation of the EMD family joins the business


EMD Diamonds launches its first online website, extending the company's reach across the United States


EMD Diamonds becomes a member of the exclusive IJO & CBG buying groups


The company joins the Responsible Jewelry Council and commits to its strict ethical practices


EMD Diamonds joins the prestigious RJO buying group


Introduction of diamonds with the country of origin traceability

We Value Our Clients

EMD Diamonds' service philosophy is all about personal contact and relationship building. At EMD Diamonds, you'll be assisted by a team of diamond experts with extensive experience, who is reinforced by a professional administrative support team. You can rest assured that our staff will handle all your requests promptly and fulfill your orders according to your requirements. For us, excellent service is indispensable to creating long-lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships.

  • A team of highly skilled diamond experts is ready to assist you.
  • We ensure that almost no order will go unfilled. Our inventory contains thousands of GIA-certified diamonds and is continually tailored to meet market demands.
  • For addresses in the USA and Canada, overnight shipping is free.
  • A flexible 15-day memo that gives you time to work with your customers, along with a 30-day return policy for diamonds purchased.
  • We offer a virtual inventory tool that lets you exhibit our diamonds as your own both online and in-store, along with the markup you prefer.
  • We participate in all three major buying groups, letting you take advantage of their perks - the RJO, CBG, and IJO.

We Value Quality Diamonds

Our diamond specialists seek out only the finest diamonds in the world. Diamonds with similar attributes can vary greatly in beauty and character, and that is why EMD Diamonds' seasoned experts look beyond the grading qualities and consider each diamond as a remarkable treasure from nature. Our experts carefully evaluate the elegance of the shape, the inner fire, and the quality that lends it a particular brilliance. Studying the diamond repeatedly and from every angle, they learn its unique characteristics.

  • Our diamonds are only sourced and selected from ethical sources that follow the Kimberly process and comply with the RJC Code of conduct.
  • We only use diamonds certified by the GIA to ensure the highest standards.
  • The Cut Matters! By implementing strict quality control measures, we make sure that only diamonds of Excellent cut grades are offered to our customers.
  • The whiter the diamond, the rarer it is. Only diamonds of J color and better are used by EMD Diamonds.
  • Our diamond specialists at EMD Diamonds only select the purest diamonds with the most accurate clarity grades possible.
  • EMD Diamonds will not carry diamonds exhibiting strong fluorescence, giving diamonds a milky appearance in natural lighting.

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