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EMD DIAMONDS Diamond professionals since 1979

Humble beginnings

EMD’s CEO & president Moshe Eliav entered into the diamond industry in 1979, as a hardworking junior cutter and polisher in a diamond workshop, within a team of 30. After just one year, the workshop owner realized Moshe’s potential and promoted him to Workshop Manager.

EMD is born

In 1981, Moshe used the skillset he gained as a workshop manager in order to create his own diamond manufacturing business. He took a small loan of $1000 to purchase his first rough stone and founded EMD. The business has since grown from a one-man venture into a full-fledged, growing diamond producing company.

Father and Sons

Nir joined the business in 2007 to help his proud father Moshe run EMD, and, within his first year at the family business, was instrumental in the expansion of EMD's diamond collection, adding various fancy shapes and colors into the mix and further claiming his specialty in the diamond industry. In addition, he improved business management practices and customer collaboration.

GIA and Scale

With an expanded inventory of 2,000+ GIA-certified diamonds in stock at any given time, EMD staked its claim as a leading diamond manufacturer in 2010. Largely focusing on the North American market, EMD offers diamonds ranging in carat weight from 0.70-4.00, in a variety of shapes, including oval, radiant, pear, cushion, emerald, princess, marquise and round.

Company Timeline


Moshe begins as a junior diamond polisher


He is promoted to Diamond Manufacturing Manager


EMD is born with a small loan and a dream


Moshe becomes a member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB)


Customer-base expands to New York


New York office Established


Reach is expanded to customers throughout the US


EMD begins manufacturing GIA-certified diamonds exclusively


Moshe’s son, Nir, join EMD


Inventory surpasses 1,500 GIA-certified diamonds


EMD arrives online


EMD joins the exclusive IJO & CBG groups


EMD joins RJC and commits to its strict ethical practices


  • Rough sourcing and selection is made from ethical sources only and complies with strict process approvals.
  • Each diamond is manufactured and developed according to GIA specifications and procedures, in terms of cut, symmetry and polish, and reaches the highest certification of Excellent (EX) or Very Good (VG).
  • We are committed to providing you with the most beautiful and best quality diamonds, with the greatest sparkle, brilliance, and lifespan.
  • We adapt our inventory, as well as our rough sourcing and manufacturing methods, to meet the current market demands.


  • Our prices take into consideration the rough and manufacturing weight costs needed to reach the highest certification, and aim to help clients sell their diamond as quickly as possible.
  • Since diamonds are delivered directly from us to you (straight from manufacturer to retailer), all middlemen, dealers and unnecessary commissions are removed, allowing us to maintain a fair and attractive price for you and your customers.

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